Dec 3rd 2019: Netflix and AWS open source Metaflow! Read the announcement.
A framework for real-life data science
Metaflow makes it quick and easy to build and manage real-life data science projects.
Metaflow is built for data scientists, not just for machines
Successful data science projects are delivered by data scientists who can build, improve, and operate end-to-end workflows independently, focusing more on data science, less on engineering.
Model with your favorite tools
Use Metaflow with your favorite data science libraries, such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, or SciKit Learn, and write your models in idiomatic Python code with not much new to learn.
Build with Metaflow
Metaflow helps you design your workflow, run it at scale, and deploy it to production. It versions and tracks all your experiments and data automatically. It allows you to inspect results easily in notebooks.
Powered by the AWS cloud
When you need more scale, Metaflow provides built-in integrations to storage, compute, and machine learning services in the AWS cloud. No code changes required.
Battle-hardened at Netflix
Metaflow was originally developed at Netflix to address the needs of its data scientists who work on demanding real-life data science projects. Netflix open-sourced Metaflow in 2019.
Get Started!
To get started quickly, follow the tutorial.
For an overview of Metaflow, see documentation.
To learn how Metaflow supports large workflows and production use cases, see Metaflow on AWS.
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